Q&A Buying Bitcoin with Visa/MasterCard gift cards?



Do you know where can i buy bitcoins online with a prepaid visa/mastercard gift card? Don’t want to give up IDs, don’t want to create a damn account >< . Any suggestion will be appreciated. Just want to put in the card number, BTC address, and be done with that.


Can’t you use Changer.com Perfect Money option? Does that require ID?

I think there is quite a few brokers that will let you buy without verification, but your limits start very low like $20.


Those gift cards are like the old paper checks no body really likes them and I get where you are coming from because my DL is expired and can’t get a new one because of a warrant and it has kept me from doing a few things that require a current national ID or KYC criteria. Please let the rest of us know what you find @MichelleGJones




Yeah, looks like localbitcoin would be your answer, if you click on Show More to view all the offers then you should see an option to filter by “Pre-paid debit cards” at the top once that page loads and there you go :slight_smile:


Well, that doesn’t matter <3 thanksalot bro


Thank you guys so much, i have just found a perfect solution for this problem on this site: MTBIT Academy. Thank you for having paid attention to my post as well as your wonderful answers, so much respect <3