Q & A thread for our 2019 plans!


Hello everyone!

As announced in our Merry Christmas blog post:

We know many of you have been asking what are our plans to increase usage of our exchange and to ensure our trading volume starts to increase quicker. Of course, this is going to be our main focus going forward, we are planning to publish an article early January to reflect on our performance throughout 2018 and what you can expect as our next steps.

If you have any questions or suggestions concerning our next steps that you would like us to address, please come and ask them here on our forum & they will be answered in our next article. In fact you can treat it as your December letter to Santa: the most unique comment, suggestion or idea will receive a symbolic gift from Saturn DAO’s development team!

Please post any queries, comments, suggestions or ideas here that you would like answered by our development team concerning our immediate plans for 2019 or even more long-term. Or just let us know that you love what we are doing - anything helps :wink:

We will either answer them directly or if more appropriate then we will address it in our next blog article.

Thank you for your support!



When Saturn on binance? :sweat_smile:


My understanding of Saturn network is that ERC20 and ERC223 / ERC721 are the only ones that can be traded. thats a cause of concern for me. How can we make this platform more open? By more open I mean other blockchain project/platforms. Specially the trend has been that erc20 tokens are leaving the motherchain and launching their own blockchain( and creating their own dex).


I was following the Saturn project from the start of the year (WP 2.0) and want to say You did good work during this year despite of market and other circumstances.
Merry Christmas and best wishes in the New Year, Saturn Network!

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