Qshucoin japanese erc223



It is a support project by Japanese Kyushu origin. It is undergoing activities aiming at nationwide deployment.

I am looking for a place to be listed for the first time. Thank you


Hey @qshucoin, I wish your project all the best and we’d be more than happy to list ERC223 tokens on Radex.

However, we currently have issues with some modifications to token code that you have made.

 * @dev Prevent targets from sending or receiving tokens
 * @param targets Addresses to be frozen
 * @param isFrozen either to freeze it or not

    function freezeAccounts(address[] targets, bool isFrozen) onlyOwner public {
        require(targets.length > 0);

        for (uint q = 0; q < targets.length; q++) {
            require(targets[q] != 0x0);
            frozenAccount[targets[q]] = isFrozen;
            emit FrozenFunds(targets[q], isFrozen);
 * @dev Prevent targets from sending or receiving tokens by setting Unix times 
 * @param targets Addresses to be locked funds 
 * @param unixTimes Unix times when locking up will be finished 
    function lockupAccounts(address[] targets, uint[] unixTimes) onlyOwner public {
        require(targets.length > 0 
            && targets.length == unixTimes.length);
        for(uint q = 0; q < targets.length; q++){
            require(unlockUnixTime[targets[q]] < unixTimes[q]);
            unlockUnixTime[targets[q]] = unixTimes[q];
            emit LockedFunds(targets[q], unixTimes[q]);

 * @dev Burns a specific amount of tokens.
 * @param _from The address that will burn the tokens.
 * @param _unitAmount The amount of token to be burned.
    function burn(address _from, uint256 _unitAmount) onlyOwner public {
        require(_unitAmount > 0
            && balanceOf(_from) >= _unitAmount);
        balances[_from] = SafeMath.sub(balances[_from], _unitAmount);
        totalSupply = SafeMath.sub(totalSupply, _unitAmount);
        emit Burn(_from, _unitAmount);

It looks like the creator of the token contract (presumably you) can freeze certain accounts, as well as unilaterally burn tokens from a certain address! So if people were to trade QSH on Radex, you could theoretically burn tokens from Radex’s address and people would be unable to withdraw.

We cannot list a token with such behavior.


Wow I did not even know this was something that was possible :open_mouth: Learn something new everyday…

Another thing to worry about in the land of crypto scams…

Show me a universal life manual and I will show you a ready-made scam.
Life is spontaneous.
Live and learn.
Magnus Nwagu Amudi