Question about price-tracking

Good morning,
we applied to be listed under price-tracking, but they replied your Exchange is not listened .
They suggested to talk to you and to follow this procedure:

“We currently don’t have the mentioned exchange listed on our website, that’s why the token is currently marked as Not Trading. It’s best you contact the exchange and ask them to send a request for listing to [email protected]. That way our CTO will have direct communication with them, and the listing of the exchange will occur much faster. Thanks in advanced.”

Could you please help us?


Hey @Yanosh01 thanks for reaching out, feel free to ask Coincodex to add price tracking for the exchange. Everything they need is found in our API documentation:

Last time I checked they wanted payment for listing exchanges, which seemed a little senseless to me when there are many free options that are working great. We are listed with:

And on mobile apps you have Blockfolio or Delta. All of these websites or apps can track your token’s price and trading activity on Saturn for you, just contact them for a listing if you are not on the site already.