Radex - first decentralized exchange on ETC



Radex is the first decentralized exchange deployed on Ethereum Classic, it allows users to trade ERC20 or ERC223 tokens. Radex does not require any account creation, and allows you to trade without ever giving up control of your private keys so you do not have to fear losing your funds.

Website: https://classic.radex.ai
Contract: http://gastracker.io/addr/0x7d6ce5f4bb5cc189961f931443a2d78bf3a88743

It runs completely on chain to ensure trading happens safely & securely, you can read more about Radex’s architecture design on our blog:

Radex Guides

  1. Preparing for your first Radex trade
  2. Walking through Radex’s orderbook interface
  3. How to trade using existing buy or sell orders How to deposit & withdraw
  4. How to trade using existing buy or sell orders
  5. Creating your own buy or sell orders
  6. How to check if my token is ERC223?
  7. Token listing process

Radex feedback

  1. Suggest new features
  2. Report any issues or bugs