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Radex - first decentralized exchange on ETC
All about trading experience
Radex development roadmap

Replace “sync’ing with blockchain” with either “download metamask” and link to metamask.io or with “Download Brave browser” and link to this blog post

How to use Radex? Step by step tutorial

My suggestions for improving trade

  1. Add option 2 rows (Maybe 1 row default)
  2. Add table with My Trade History


Day/Night mode, high contrast mode, and other accessibility improvements


I would like to see a link on forum.saturn.network to Radex for quicker movement between the 2. It might be somewhere already and I’m just missing it. Thanks



How about this one?


I like it! Maybe have some tooltips that explain what each icon describes?


I see it now the two arrorws next to the house…Has it been there the whole time? Please say you just added it, if not i better go get some glasses. As my wife would ask with a big grin, “Are you sure you looked everywhere?” With me staring right at it or worse in my pocket. :blush:


I think you should add a tooltip or some sort of explanation for ERC223 upgrade button


Fully agree @Fargoth . It’s a topic that’s a bit hard to describe once you get a deep understanding of how smart contracts work. I.e. to me it feels intuitive. Do you think a link to this article would suffice?


Your article is great but imo you should keep it business oriented. At the end of the day, most users only want to know what they are paying for :money_with_wings: Maybe one page FAQ answering core questions:

  • What is ERC223 upgrade?
  • Why I have to upgrade?
  • Is this one-time thing?
  • What happens if I change my wallet?


this questionnaire is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!

Will definitely incorporate this into our next release. If you have more questions that worry you about this procedure - let me know so we can have a complete questionnaire on Radex


This is what I love about where we are in time. We can interact with customers and supply the products and services that customers are asking for. Just another Reason I love Radex and Rados. You are building an awesome platform around the needs of your clients and that is long lasting and powerful. Looking forward to seeing the next big update!


Done! https://radex.ai/welcome :ok_hand:


I think there should be some sort of description of the tokens or at the minimum a URL link referencing the website or company that the token belongs to, simply to make it easier to know what tokens you are actually trading as the site grows. I realize one can go to third party sites and look for the ticker but some tokens do have similar tickers and that could lead to confusion.

I don’t have any suggestion as to how it might be implemented or where on the exchange platform that information should reside but having a list that only exists on the forum is not very helpful in my opinion since not everyone might jump over to the forum and do a search for the token in question.


good idea! We’ll add that in the new UI





Nice, viewed it on the website, that’s very helpful. Thanks.


Listed on CMC or CoinGecko yet?


I will check this out, and if we can be listed there definitely will do! Sometimes they need to be able to track the trading volume, which currently is not possible due to Radex’s architecture of running completely on the blockchain. Don’t worry though, we are working on a solution for this!