Radex: suggest new features

  • Do we have any plans to be self sufficient so that we are not dependent on any external wallet like Metamask or MEW?
  • Is there a way that we can include a wallet within the exchange so that I don’t have to use a particular browser or extension to trade?
  • Please increase the font size of the left sidebar on the radix.ai purely for visibility and can we add some color icons (left side bar)

See you guys on Saturn :slight_smile:

  1. The ultimate plan here is to build self-contained desktop and mobile apps that deal directly with your private key or hardware wallet. This is indeed on our roadmap, but it has lower priority than improvements to the exchange itself and marketing.

  2. Same answer as 1. I think migration to Radex API and support for Ledger wallet will somewhat solve this problem for the subset of people that have Ledger.

  3. We’ll add this to our backlog, thank you for suggestion!


i think this copypaste image says enough.

tx, peace


Love the screenshot. A picture is worth a thousand words



I know this is a centralized exchange… and they havent even made it yet. But I really like the layout and design.

Just food for thought