Regium based on ERC-223 smart contract technology


Request to be listed

Regium is an open source, Peer-to-peer, community driven decentralized
cryptrcurrency that allows people to store and invest their wealth in
a non goverment controlled currency based on the 101 of business and mathematics.
Regium is a easy to follow concept and a way to lower the
barrier to entry into cryptocurrency for trading novices.


*Interview with Dev :
*Article about low supply cryptocurrency:

(in our test to transfer the token we found it to have fast transaction speed and low gas cost thanks to the ERC-223 contract technology)


Hello @johnjohn187 great to see another ERC223 token being created! Good luck with your project.

For listing on our exchange, currently we are only live on Ethereum Classic, once we are live on Ethereum you will be able to self list tokens so no need to make any request.