Request of Assistance: Simple Dapp

Hi Everyone!

Recently, I’ve made some HUGE upgrades to our website at - we’ve introduced Public Profiles, link showcasing and even added our own mini Block Explorer! This is largely my first foray into Dapp development, and I’m still learning lots.

What I am looking for, is a basic HTML/JS solution, where if I type a number into a textbox, and click a button, for the site to trigger whatever wallet is connected to ready a transfer of tokens to an address. For context, this textbox and button would appear on a profile page - so, if I’m viewing someone’s profile, I could give them UVC.

I’m happy to be pointed in the direction of self-help resources - I’d love to learn how to do this on my own - but I may also potentially offer a bounty of UVC for successful submission of a working solution, specifically in HTML and JS. This may also seem simple for some - but as said, I’m still learning.

Currently, I’ve been working with EthJS and Web3. Truffle is damn annoying.

Cheers everyone - thanks in advance for any help someone may be able to offer :smile:



In my experience truffle is fantastic for developing, testing and auditing smart contracts. That’s why we use truffle, along with a bunch of addons, as the base for dapp dev kit. You can see a CLI-app example here.

The frontend part can then be developed independently using your favorite framework of choice, or even Vanilla JS. Just make sure you learn how to bundle npm modules into your frontent - webpack seems to be the best choice.

If you’re just starting out you probably want some configuration to be solved for you so you can just focus on the app itself. I recommend using one of the following to get started.

And I prefer to use ethers.js instead of web3 js for the actual integration with the blockchain.

In fact, remaining milestones of our Dapp Dev Kit fundraising will be focused on writing guides and tutorials on how to get from idea and willingness to learn to code to writing dapps quickly. WIthout having to learn thousands of little details and making your own choices - let professionals handle that for you. And once you yourself become a professional, with practice, you can contribute back to the dapp dev kit yourself.

The reason why we’re building it is because we want to help people like you, who are eager to build. We here on this forum know how transformational web3 technology really is, but most of the world has no clue - in our opinion more dapps will help change the tide. People will download the wallet in order to use what they want to use (invest, play games, trade, transfer money, protect against inflation). Together, we’ll make the best dev kit and will contribute to cryptocurrency adoption.