Requested a listing on coingecko for your token?


Saturn Network has recently been added to Coingecko:

They are currently tracking every token listed on our exchange, however, if you have not submitted your token details to their platform then your token will not have its own page.

I’ve been advised there is a bit of a queue to add new tokens to their website so if you have made the request and see that after 3 to 4 days nothing has been updated please let me know here. I am in direct contact with them and should hopefully be able to speed up the process for you.



Hello Sam,
Congratulations for that step you have made. I remember to have submitted application for listing PesaPepe (PEP) to Coingecko.


Hi Sam,
sorry I I had not yet submitted a request to Coingecko but I am doing it now.


Sam you earlier said that Saturn has applied for listing on Coinmarketcap. Did you get any reply from them?


Great to hear! I would give it a few days to update, but if nothing happens let me know & I can chase it up for you. For CoinMarketCap we are still working on this one, unfortunately, they take a lot longer to respond.


Thanks. We have introduced Saturn exchange to our students and they will soon start trading here. I wish to see higher trading volume.


Nice that is cool to hear, would be cool to see their thoughts or how you are teaching your students? Do you have a blog? Feel free to share how things are going on our forum :slight_smile:


Hello Sam. PEP was listed on Coingecko yesterday but it seems coingecko isnt correctly pulling the price. It shows $0.


Seems fine now I think?

Let me know if not :slight_smile:


Hello Sam, Yes the price tracking is now fine but I dont know why it shows a circulating supply of 0 tokens.


And market cap $0


you need to ask coingecko support, we do not control their platform and are unable to offer customer support for their services


I understand. I have written to them.


Yes if anything is wrong with your listing, best to contact Coingecko directly. All I can do is nudge them a little to add your token to their platform if they have not already :slight_smile:


I sent in an application, and they replied with a kind of generic email. It confused me because I’m not sure if I need to reply with more info or not. I’ll reply with all the info I can, and see how it goes.


Was able to speak to a CoinGecko rep today and find out why some tokens have not been listed even after making a request, one of their requirements is the project must have its own website.

Sorry was not aware of this previously! So if you set up a website, then you will definitely be added @Astral_Diamonds.