Saturn Classic airdrop queries?



We have just published a new article concerning our Saturn Classic Airdrop, if you have any queries about how it is going to work or you feel anything is unclear, please ask them here.



Hello, I purchased Saturn tokens through the strategic investor program before Oct 1, and locked them up for a year. However, I don’t see any Saturn Classic tokens in my wallet. Have they not been airdropped yet? Or do I have to wait a year before they show up as well? Thanks for any help.


no airdrop yet. Sign up for newsletter on and you’ll be the first to know when that happens


I bought saturn coins a bit after snapshot due issues with my wallet. Does it mean that im not eligible for any airdrops in the future?


Hi @samurai if you wallet is not included in the snapshot data we published then no you would not be eligible for our future airdrops, as you would have bought after the snapshot.

Check here: