Saturn DAO Bot Launch


Introducing the SaturnDAOBot on Telegram,

With the recent launch of Saturn Network’s API the SaturnDAOBot has come to life. You can now track movement on Saturn Network using asset snapshots of your favorite cryptocurrency. Simply type /sa and the desired ticker. Candlestick charts and asset snapshots are also available on most cryptocurrencies outside of Saturn, simply invite @SaturnDAOBot to your channel to view a list of commands.

Any feedback or suggestions on how SaturnDAOBot can be improved would be appreciated. Feel free to message @BigRalph in Telegram or send an email to [email protected].

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Happy Trading.


Great work, I was really happy to see someone make use of our API almost immediately! If you want to see the bot in action we have invited it to both our telegram groups:

And here is a quick screenshot:


Very cool bot @ObsessiveScript

Maybe you would you be able to include links to the orders for Highest Bid / Lowest Ask? I would find this very useful. Thanks!


i would also dig this! go for it.