Saturn DAO LOGO "Creator´s Contest"


Hello Team, what are the reason that i no received any ETC to my Wallet?
Thanks Monika


You should have some BCT normally, just add 0x1be6d61b1103d91f7f86d47e6ca0429259a15ff0 to your wallet as a custom token. If you want to sell it for ETC, you can do that on our exchange:


Thanks for the reply, but now i am a little confused. I provided my ETC Wallet Address - 0x3D82e0b00680253015da2B9782Fa4C0eE9f7edB0 and know i should have BCT?


What is there to be confused about, I don’t think anyone ever wrote you would receive ETC? The reward is to receive ETC tokens which is why we would ask you for an ETC wallet. Read the original post.


I have sure understand - but who can i use the Token if you have send on my ETC Wallet. Must i first activate the Contract and Dezimals etc. or what - Thank if you able to explain.


I would suggest using our Saturn Wallet or alternatively if you prefer mobile you can use Trust Wallet. Both support Ethereum Classic and have full custom token support :slight_smile:


Ok. i will try it,… normally i work with MyEtherWallet with ETH & ETC (and costum Tokens)


No worries @MJDORN I mean you can add BCT as a custom token to your MyEtherWallet, you can find all the details by looking at their token in an Ethereum Classic block explorer like blockscout:

However, if you are more interested in holding ETC and wish to sell your BCT tokens then you will need to setup a wallet that has a dApp browser to use our exchange:


We now have a reward for Second place 5000 BCT and Third place 2500 BCT! Sponsored by Bitcoin Classic Token :slight_smile: make sure you give their twitter account a follow:

Remember you can still submit your entries until the 7th December!

Good luck!


We wish all participants good luck and look forward to many creative ideas!

-BCT Team


And the winner will also receive 10000 XMRT (MoneroToken) thank you @moneroSHADOW !

Be sure to give them a follow on twitter also:

First place is shaping up to be a great XMAS present :slight_smile:


Many thanks to all previous participants, great performance !!!

And many thanks to the Saturn Network Team and the BitcoinClassic Team.


special thanks to @sam & @tolgn1907 great job


How/where will the logo be used? Will it be used to for the Saturn coins? Thanks. -LasVegas


No Saturn Classic Token has its own distinctive logo, this contest has nothing to do with a token logo.


Hey guys, my submission below.


2 mock ups below using the same font you currently use (white & black backgrounds)





Just do it again, should work :slight_smile:

Edit: Nice =)


Sorted now thank you !


as we all know its not a ring arround the saturn, its just 4 big blocks. the images from nasa are just fake - cgi . so - this logo shows how the saturn looks for real - i swear. so based on this totaly undebunkable truth - we should show the saturn as it is.

if you need to explain theses blocks in a methaphoric way - this would be the dau’s “projects” or the blocks of a blockchain in general - while the saturn is the force and holds these projects together. as a dao have to taken serious by investors, startups, angels ( well the finance world ) - i thought this abstract and minimal approach will fit you guys in the end.

i decided to not use any gradients and heavy effects as i truly think this would just distract from the main concept any extra style with explosions, gradients, particles, shadows could be discussed based on the usecase ( wallpaper, inline-svg, icon, brochures … )

my adress : 0x40c39356881a0dc46104e889935c1f867d43eda2

by the way : im open for some new projects as ETCDEV run out of funds and stoped developing for ETC - im looking to join on a decentrals and funded team right now.

all the best from me

Vote To Decide Saturn DAO Logo "Creators Contest" Winner!

Hi guys,
This my entry for the competition,

Meaning and Design decisions

The two bigger circles represent Saturn’s moons, they are the tools to make the Saturn network a success.

Saturn is the sixth from the Sun and the second-largest in the Solar System, after Jupiter ). It is a gas giant with an average radius about nine times that of Earth It has only one-eighth the average density of Earth.

The logo also represents the start of an ICO, (bottom right corner), and the introduction into the Saturn (bottom left) Network. there is a small circle, in contrast to the saturn circle (mid-top) of the logo to represent growth.


Bonus mockups

I needed material to expand my portfolio and thought the home page would be a nice visual representation for the logo. The idea behind the mock-up is a parallax website with some smooth animations for the graphics, i still have to prototype this and make gif.

note: if i would have more time the design would change a lot UX-wise, right now this is just a portfolio project to showcase design. This may change in the future, we shall see :wink::sweat_smile:

Final thoughts

I think it’s awesome that you guys wanted to do a logo competition, i’m hoping to land a top 3 spot with this entry. If it doesn’t happen that would be fine too :sunglasses:, it looks good in my portfolio and i’m pretty happy how it turned out. In total it took around 7h of work.

The logo also works well with other styles like dark backgrounds and particle effects, i used this mockup style because it worked well with the graphics on the site right now and i needed a colorful design for my portfolio.

Please give me feedback and i do hope that at least a couple of you guys like it :blush:

EDIT: I replaced one of the mock-ups and added a stationary-mockup.

Hello guys, it's a pleasure to meet you
Vote To Decide Saturn DAO Logo "Creators Contest" Winner!

Suhweet. Glad to finally see your entry. All the best in the competition.