Saturn DAO LOGO "Creator´s Contest"




great one ! please don´t forget to enter your eth/etc wallet address to recieve your reward :heart::rocket:



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Just wanted to recognize @tolgn1907 for the awesome initiative and leadership! You guys can count on seeing a submission from me before the end of the period!
In the meantime, to anyone reading this post - please respond either immediately when reading this or, after you’ve had a long think about it:

Up to three words that are top of mind to you, when thinking of the Saturn Network DAO. I will use these words to bring forth into a design…


future, udivitelnoe, available.


Can’t seem to reply to my own post or perhaps I’ve repeat posted this five times by now…


future is bright



thank you very much @Oracuse

go for it :rocket::rocket:


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Hey @Gradyyvv

Thank you for your participation, however, you have not complied with the guidelines (do not use existing or edited images/logos). As a participation reward, I will still send you 0.2 ETC (the current value of 1000 LCT)

Thank you for your courage!




Oh I didn’t read it well. I’ll work on something better :muscle:


your picture is not bad, never said it´s bad, it’s about your own creation! I´m looking forward for the next :)) :rocket::flying_saucer:


im thinking about to join this - just wondering your looking for a LOGO right ? so something you can use in very small usecases like in example your top header. so this should be a very simple little thing without all this effects right ?

  • i guess your new logo type - so basicaly your “ci” with basic 2-3 colors + font + simple minimal icon.

i just think most of the logos so far will not pass any real-world-uses so far - you should look how the logos look on your actual header to help the designers to adjust a bit there work to something you can use later on :slight_smile:


That’s why we’re calling you to the '“Creators Contest”, let your imagination run wild. The logo will be used for all sorts of things, that’s clear :sunglasses:


but in the contest you ask for a logo ( even with capital letters ) so LOGO … obviously the logo will be used as a digital logo for an online representation of your dao - and not to print tshirts or offer wallpaper downloads…

as i did a bit research what other brands and creatives came up with when they had to do a logo for an organization / company that wana use the name saturn : its always about the swosh arround some circe. ( not very creative right )

i will maybe try out to do something what is more about the “decentral and the network” than the saturn.

it would make sense to somehow have a visual connection between the saturn dao and the saturn network logo - or ?


Hello, please check out my Logo for the Contest - SATURN DAO.

There is my ETC Wallet Address to:



congrats and thank you very much :heart:

you just recieved some bct :heart_eyes: :heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign:


code is law.


Like I’ve mentioned I’m no designer, my high ideas are my own… I present my logo for contest…


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