Saturn DAO LOGO "Creator´s Contest"


the DAO TRIANGLE CUBE … wow :sunglasses::sunglasses: :heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign:


This one is pretty damn cool! Great job =)


Cool, nice work!





no wallet to recieve some bct ??


Just for fun and inspiration:

go go saturn.


no wallet no reward

@Wizward you are disqualified

now you have to send 0,10 btc to each DAO member :rofl::rofl::rofl: :joy::sunglasses:



well, it got a reason that i did not post a wallet here.

Take this amount, and give it to the winner!!:alien::alien::alien::alien:


Hello Team, what are the reason that i no received any ETC to my Wallet?
Thanks Monika


You should have some BCT normally, just add 0x1be6d61b1103d91f7f86d47e6ca0429259a15ff0 to your wallet as a custom token. If you want to sell it for ETC, you can do that on our exchange:


Thanks for the reply, but now i am a little confused. I provided my ETC Wallet Address - 0x3D82e0b00680253015da2B9782Fa4C0eE9f7edB0 and know i should have BCT?


What is there to be confused about, I don’t think anyone ever wrote you would receive ETC? The reward is to receive ETC tokens which is why we would ask you for an ETC wallet. Read the original post.


I have sure understand - but who can i use the Token if you have send on my ETC Wallet. Must i first activate the Contract and Dezimals etc. or what - Thank if you able to explain.


I would suggest using our Saturn Wallet or alternatively if you prefer mobile you can use Trust Wallet. Both support Ethereum Classic and have full custom token support :slight_smile:


Ok. i will try it,… normally i work with MyEtherWallet with ETH & ETC (and costum Tokens)


No worries @MJDORN I mean you can add BCT as a custom token to your MyEtherWallet, you can find all the details by looking at their token in an Ethereum Classic block explorer like blockscout:

However, if you are more interested in holding ETC and wish to sell your BCT tokens then you will need to setup a wallet that has a dApp browser to use our exchange:


We now have a reward for Second place 5000 BCT and Third place 2500 BCT! Sponsored by Bitcoin Classic Token :slight_smile: make sure you give their twitter account a follow:

Remember you can still submit your entries until the 7th December!

Good luck!


We wish all participants good luck and look forward to many creative ideas!

-BCT Team


And the winner will also receive 10000 XMRT (MoneroToken) thank you @moneroSHADOW !

Be sure to give them a follow on twitter also:

First place is shaping up to be a great XMAS present :slight_smile:


Many thanks to all previous participants, great performance !!!

And many thanks to the Saturn Network Team and the BitcoinClassic Team.


special thanks to @sam & @tolgn1907 great job