Saturn DAO LOGO "Creator´s Contest"


Thank yiou for your feedback. Here are some options as per tolgn and neuron.

Vote To Decide Saturn DAO Logo "Creators Contest" Winner!

This one is with white background… png format ignores white as background … I have one with black too @tolgn1907


Cannot add anymore images since I am a new user … I can few more as per @tolgn1907 and @Neuron suggestions


Wow! Great stuff.


Wow nice love them! You can add more images now if you like :wink:


here are some more images @tolgn1907 & @Neuron


I hope this can be a contest entry! Good luck, all! 0x59bf21FBa71bc59F0fd39Fd27072aD7098Ae67da

#91 :heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign:


I like this one a lot. Well made @zeebo :smile:


Thank you @bullish

You have a nice entry yourself :+1:


Time for entries is now over! Will set up a topic ASAP with all the entries where you will be able to vote =)

Good luck!


Vote has been set up, as I was a bit slow to put it all together it is going to run until 5/01/2019 Good luck!


Dang, i’m too late…Maybe there will be more contests? Maybe a music theme contest?


Cool, reminds me of Gears of War, Locust symbol.


Thank you. I am glad you liked the design


feel free to create one :sunglasses::notes::musical_note::notes::musical_note: