Saturn DAO Logo “Creators Contest” Winners!


And the results are in!

First we would like to thank everyone who participated in our community’s contest, we were really blown away by the quality of some of the designs & creatives produced. We definitely have some talented designers amongst us!

We may use one or more of these logos in some of our future projects or content, think of an information page about Saturn DAO on our main website for example. If this happens then we will contact the creator directly to negotiate on an individual basis.

Also a special thanks to @tolgn1907 who had the idea and started this contest.

We really enjoyed watching the entries come in, and I believe this contest has shown that we can rely on our community to produce amazing results. You can expect some more contests to happen in the future, that being said, as it was pointed out forum based voting is not ideal. So first we will think of a better way to implement the voting, ideally, it will happen on the blockchain to remove any doubts. Maybe a sort of predecessor to our eventual Saturn DAO voting? We will see :wink:

Now it is time to announce our winners :slight_smile:

First place goes to @Anita.Lotta.Crypto


Second place goes to @zeebo


Third place goes to @HattoriHanzo


I know you provided a wallet when you submitted your entry, but just in case, please message me directly your wallet where I can send your prize!

Also I would like to shout out to fourth place @scco we feel his logo is especially well made, and can see it has been made with a focus on providing excellent web design.


Please message me your wallet also!

Again thank you to everyone who shared our contest, voted and participated.


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Vote To Decide Saturn DAO Logo "Creators Contest" Winner!

Thanks to all of those who contributed, it was a lot of fun to look at and study every submission. I really enjoyed seeing how everybody has their own vision of what Saturn DAO looks like :sunglasses:

And a special thank you to @tolgn1907 for coming up with the idea and organizing the contest!


Awesome. Congratulations winners and all the participants.
Way to go #team #Saturn