Saturn does not connect to Metamask

EDIT: OK figured it out. I had to add it manually…

In an online tutorial, it says, to start trading with the custom token, simply enter the url followed by the contract address.

However, I get the message " No Wallet Found ".
Wallet is there and running, as notification to add the saturn network never appeared with Metamask.

I had this issue several months ago, and I was hoping that it would have been fixed by now.

How do I open a custom exchange without having to install another wallet ?

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Hello @hertz glad you found us :slight_smile:

Yes, we do not ask you to add our website automatically in MetaMask as other wallets do not require this. On that same message you saw there is a link to a guide to approve our website in MetaMask.

Sounds like you have figured it out, if you need any further help let me know. Thanks!