Saturn Index token "SIT"

We should create a Saturn Index token of the top 20 traded tokens on Saturn.Network. @sam

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Interesting thought! How do you see it working? What would the price be?

I think it could be done with balancer, melon protocol or set protocol but the problem is that I don’t think they allow all erc20s to be used (could be wrong). Maybe someone with more experience with these can comment. If for example a token was created on set protocol consisting of the top 20 tokens, that token could be traded on Saturn. Otherwise, a token would have to be created and manually balanced by buying and selling it’s tokens E.g.

should it have equal parts of top saturn tokens? what should happen if a token in the top-20 gets replaced by another one?

It’s all doable, just interested in how you see it working, what you think is the value proposition, and how much capital you personally would be willing to allocate to this trading strategy

It depends on how complex you want to make it, you could rebalance daily/weekly/monthly…