Saturn Media Kit


Saturn Media Kit

Here you will find all our current logo assets, feel free to use them for any type of content creation or to support any articles you wish to write about Saturn Network. Please do share any work on our forum, we love to see it!

I have included .PNG files, below each image you will also find a download for photoshop .PSD, .AI, .SVG and .EPS files which are much higher resolution. If you need a different format, just ask, happy to provide!

I tend to use Proxima Nova Bold font for our logo so you could consider it our “official” font. I have also included some free mockups that you can use as a template for sharing your own message about Saturn Network or your own project on Twitter.

Saturn Network logo:

Saturn Network (200.3 KB)

Saturn Network transparent (this one works better if your background is dark):

Saturn Network (557.8 KB)

Saturn Network Logo with SATURN in middle:

Saturn Logo SATURN in (644.2 KB)

Saturn Classic logo:

Saturn Classic (1.3 MB)

Saturn Classic transparent:

Saturn Classic Logo (1.9 MB)

Saturn Network Exchange Small

Saturn Network Exchange White (170.8 KB)

Small Blog Watermark

Saturn Blog Small (169.1 KB)

The following mockups are intended to be shared on Twitter attached to your tweet, feel free to amend, and please tag @SaturnProtocol if you use one of them :slight_smile:

Trade Instantly Mockup 1

Trade Instantly Mock Up (2.0 MB)

Trade Instantly Mockup 2

Trade Instantly Mock Up (1.4 MB)

Trade Instantly Mockup 3

Trade Instantly Mock Up (1.6 MB)


Wow! Bigg’ns! Right on!




I have updated our media kit today, in the attachments you will now find .PSD, .AI, .EPS and .SVG files. Please let me know if you are looking for a different format! I have also added a variant of our logo with SATURN in the middle which I intend to use more often going forward.

And I have added some mockup examples of what sort of image is very easy to be shared on twitter, you can find the full source files attached also so feel free to amend as you see fit. I thought it could help some of you who have started your own crypto projects with tokens listed on our exchange and need some marketing tips.

For example here is how it looks in a twitter feed:


As you can see the text remains very easy to read and the background image is not very distracting at all, which is what you are aiming for! Remember most people will just scroll over their tweet feed, if they can not understand your tweet immediately then they will probably not stop to figure it out.