Saturn Network added to Delta App


Great news! Following the release of our API, Saturn Network has been added as an exchange to Delta.

Delta is an App for iOS or Android that you can use to track coin or token prices, tokens already listed in the App will now displayed Saturn Network as a market. It looks like they do not immediately add every token or coin listed on an exchange, however, you can request them to add here:

I’ve made a request for both SATURN tokens to be added, would be good to give us some upvotes:

Feel free to make more requests for your favourite tokens and share the links here!

ONEX Network - Proof-of-Stake token

Seems like they have added my request immediately but both Saturn tokens are being tracked as one… I have asked & emailed them to see if they can fix it!

But other tokens should not have this sort of issue :slight_smile:


Vote for ONEX Network -


Nice! Great job Team Saturn, love this App :slight_smile:



@magichatsam: At the current time we are not able to split them into 2 different coins, sorry

Looks like they cannot fix this at the moment :frowning: so bear in mind if you are tracking SATURN with this App it is combining both tokens together.


hahaha :slight_smile: