Saturn Network API for CoinMarketCap


Hi guys, I wanted to ask if you have an API that CoinMarketCap can use to get market details?


We do have an API and we are working towards integrating our exchange with aggregators like CMC.

Another requirement that CMC has is certain daily exchange volume. The faster we get to a stable 1000 ETH/day volume the faster our exchange will get listed - and this will provide an on-ramp for tokens to get listed there as well! So feel free to direct your community to trade on Saturn, and together we can accomplish this milestone!


keep it up we are getting there.


for dex they want 1k/eth … that’s a tall ask … is there a Finicial report on dex that we can read?


There are no regulatory standards, hence there are no reports that I know of. What do you mean by “financial report”?

for dex they want 1k/eth … that’s a tall ask

It is definitely possible if you create orders on Saturn and make it a point to make a trade a day. The more users an exchange has - the more users it can acquire, same with volume. The snowball effect is definitely real. For example, Binance now has arguably the largest legit trading volume, but I guarantee you that they started with wash trading and aggressive customer acquisition.

Spreading the word that there is an easy to use, 100% decentralized exchange that pays you crypto to trade on it (you earn SATURN on every trade), and that SATURN token gives you a claim on future exchange profits, will definitely help with adoption and larger volume!


“Finicial’ report by not be the right analogy …I meant… let’s say how many trades happened on Saturn dex last month… what was the most profitable coin … hightest/ lowest volume… number of users using the platform … etc .I know we are new but to see data like that would definitely make things more clear. If that’s possible.


Ok, that makes sense!

We are working on something like that. We have all the raw data (and so do you - it’s all on the blockchain), but we are still in the process of writing the tools to deliver this data to consumers in the form of regular reports / infographics.

Good idea!