Saturn Network Exchange API endpoint


To add Saturn Network as a market for your ETH or ETC token, the price tracker website or App will ask you for an API endpoint. Our API is compatible with CoinMarketCap so it should be pretty straight forward for any developer to understand, but you can direct them to this topic if they need to ask any queries.

You can find our public API endpoint here:


  • ETH_0xb9440022a095343b440d590fcd2d7a3794bd76c8 - First you will find the token contract, starting with ETH_ or ETC_ to indicate which blockchain the token is on.
  • name “Saturn ETH DAO Token” - Followed by the token’s name.
  • symbol “SATURN” - And then the token’s symbol.
  • quoteVolume “90005.0145” - quoteVolume is the token’s past 24h trading volume in tokens, in this case SATURN.
  • baseVolume “0.44890000981875” - baseVolume indicates the token’s past 24h trading volume in coin, so in this case ETH.
  • highestBid “0.00001” - highestBid will tell you the best current sell price.
  • lowestAsk “0.0000135” - lowestAsk will tell you the best current buy price.
  • last “0.000005” - last indicates the token price for the last executed trade.
  • percentChange “-0.03980797149711763” - percentChange will tell you the token’s price change over the last 24h.

Please do not hesitate to ask for more functionality or provide any feedback: