Saturn network exchange not working in chrome?


hey there, so i tryed to use your new exchange - still works for me
but saturn network not . i tryed to reinstall saturn wallet, cleared cash,
upgraded chrome, nothing … it simply dont load and i just see a spinner …

so i opend firefox and installed saturn wallet there - and it works.

im on mac mojave - chrome : Version 70.0.3538.77 64bit

anything i could try out ?


I’ve not had any problems on chrome myself and I know many of our community use it, we have had reports of an ad-blocker causing problems, do you have one enabled?


what does dev console in chrome say?

You have probably installed a bunch of chrome extensions, sounds like one of them is blocking some http(s) requests


well the console say

Failed to load resource: net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT

over and over again - my adblocker blocked 90.000 requests so far :slight_smile:

thanks for the tip - works now.
for UX reasons i would communicate this with a div what appears when
getting this kind of error displayed in the content section.
or somehow prevent that your json fetch dont get detected as an add?!


I recommend you use uBlock Origin - I don’t see ads and Saturn Network works.

this is an exercise for you, my friend, to figure out how to configure your adblocker. it probably just blocks all * URLs, which is rather foolish


yes - and no : in a 100% perfect user experience - it would not be the task of your user to somehow tweak the default settings of his addblocker to make a decentral exchange app working - what dont even display any adds .

not complaining - i just see it from a regular users view and wanted to report an issue i had. so when im the only one with this issue - cool . if not you will save tons of time with support by adding error messages in general :slight_smile:


not the only one, but one if the tiny minority of users.

Thanks for bringing the issue up with us, we’ll definitely work on improving UI in edge cases going forward. Right now, however, we are using our dev time on things we deem to be more important. Having to answer 1 message a month when some unfortunate user has a misconfigured adblock is a small price to pay for that.


We have released a fix which should resolve this problem! Please re-enable your adBlock & let us know!


check - should work with your aggressive adblock now. Cheers!