Saturn Network Fundraising Goal


Saturn Network above all wants to be known as a project that is transparent and is known to care about traders and its community. We want there to be no confusion about our mission & that no question goes unanswered. From the day we announced our intentions to launch the Saturn DAO we have been operating on the basis that our community is an essential part of the team. Listening to your concerns and taking feedback onboard, we feel we moved forward as a collective and became stronger. And this bond will only grow greater once we start voting on key decisions together.

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This is one of the premier platforms for knowledge about crypto in general. The community is so talented and every time I login I learn valuable information. The way the team around The Saturn Network have developed so much in such a short amount of time is very impressive. Looking forward to more news updates and one day to read that you have raised beyond the funding goal! You all deserve success for creating Radex. Thank you very much.


Bingo. I like it. Now guys please start the marketing campaign and lets get ready for Mars landing.

Saturn Network Strategic Investor Program

Saturn landing*