Saturn Network listed on


Hello everyone!

Late last night Saturn Network was added to DexIndex. Which is an open source tool that searches Ethereum decentralized exchanges to find the best token prices.

Can’t wait to see these statistics and infographics, sounds like that will be pretty cool! I really like their website, sleek and easy to use :+1:

Well look at that! Saturn Network is the best :wink:



can´t find any of our tokens like bct or ntro


Yes, DexIndex is a tool for searching best price for a token across Ethereum decentralized exchanges, so unfortunately it looks like they are not checking for any Ethereum Classic tokens.

I mean it is opensource, maybe someone can port it over to ETC? But… there is only one DEX on ETC :thinking:


maybe @Wizward can creat a port



First we would need an actual second ETC DEX to be deployed… otherwise not much point? :smiley:

Not really sure what the best bet would be for this, I know @Highlander has been outreaching to smaller Ethereum decentralized exchanges trying to find a team that might be interested in launching their platform onto ETC also.

I think most decentralized exchange owners do not realize there is a token marketplace on ETC emerging, and I do not think we should fear more DEXs expanding onto ETC… competition for Saturn Network would be healthy!


i know one, radex :smiley: !


as @sam said, there´s just one dex for etc tokens, it wouldnt make much sense for now. lets talk in a few months about.