Saturn Network Whitepaper v1.2



Saturn Network Whitepaper v1.2

Here you will find our whitepaper, which goes over our vision for the future of cryptocurrency trading and how we will implement it with shared ownership in mind. You will find out how Radex’s architecture compares to other popular exchanges and why we have decided to operate completely on chain. Finally, you will learn how everyone will be an essential part of the team, governing our protocol together in the form of Saturn DAO, fueled by SATURN tokens.

  1. Our Philosophy
  2. ERC223 Standard
    2.1 ERC20 → ERC223 upgrade protocol for existing tokens
  3. Overview
    3.1 What is Radex?
    3.2 Radex protocol
       3.2.1 Deposit
       3.2.2 Check Balance
       3.2.3 Withdraw
       3.2.4 Create order
       3.2.5 Cancel order
       3.2.6 Execute order
       3.2.7 View the order book
    3.3 Architecture review
       3.3.1 GDAX
       3.3.2 EtherDelta
       3.3.3 0xProject
       3.3.4 IDEX
       3.3.5 Kyber
       3.3.6 Bancor
       3.3.7 Radex
  4. Saturn Network Vision
    4.1 Saturn Protocol
      4.1.1 DAO fund
      4.1.2 Saturn DAO Activation Process
    4.2 Radex Upgrades
      4.2.1 Desktop app
      4.2.2 Trade explorer
      4.2.3 API server
      4.2.4 ICO Payment Processor (HODL dApp)
      4.2.5 Loyalty Program (Exchange Mining)
    4.3 Rados
      4.3.1 Trading bots
      4.3.2 Decentralized money management Stage zero: HODL contracts Stage one: Humans Stage two: Trading bots Stage three: Marketplace
      4.3.3 Decentralized ETFs
      4.3.4 Token Payment System
  5. Other blockchains
    5.1 Algorithm For New Chain’s Token Distribution
    5.2 Saturn Wallet
    5.3 Cross-blockchain trading
      5.3.1 Hub and Spoke
      5.3.2 Mesh
    5.2 Summary
  6. Development Roadmap
  7. SATURN Token details

Saturn Network Whitepaper