Saturn Network Whitepaper

We are excited to present you the long-awaited Saturn Network whitepaper. In this whitepaper you will find our vision for cryptocurrency future, our roadmap for making this future a reality, and information about SATURN token that will power Saturn DAO. Saturn DAO will govern an uncensorable order book for all Ethereum tokens, and will represent shared ownership of fundamental financial infrastructure of the new economy. Our multi blockchain plans include creating token markets on every blockchain that has potential to have a thriving token economy, as well as bridging these distinct markets via atomic swaps or 2-way pegs.

For traders, by traders.

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saturn_network_whitepaper.pdf (1.7 MB)

Saturn Network whitepaper v1.2 has now been released, this provides updated sections and goes over Radex’s decentralized loyalty program, Saturn DAO activation, the algorithm for scaling into a new blockchain and the future features you can expect on Saturn Wallet.

Happy reading!