Saturn Protocol Alpha Release v3 (Atlas)



Saturn Protocol Alpha Release v3 (Atlas)

Blockchain: Ethereum
Codename: Atlas
One of Saturn’s inner satellites, named after Atlas of Greek mythology, because it “holds the rings on its shoulders” like the Titan Atlas held the sky up above the Earth.

As announced in our latest blog post, Saturn Network is now live on Ethereum! Our exchange is now operating on two chains allowing users to trade Ethereum & Ethereum Classic tokens. If you missed the article you can find it here:

You may need to clear your cache and refresh our website a few times! You can also expect to see a few UI updates this week to help traders find their preferred tokens quicker.

New Features:

  • You can now list and trade any valid ERC20 or ERC223 Ethereum token. Please follow this guide to list any tokens you wish to trade.
  • Fee structure remains the same: 0% maker fee, 0.25% taker fee.
  • Our loyalty program is also live on Ethereum, any trading fees paid in ETH are reimbursed with Saturn tokens (not Saturn Classic tokens).

What do I need to trade Ethereum tokens?

You will need an Ethereum dApp browser and some ETH in your wallet! If you have already been using our platform with Saturn Wallet or Trust Wallet then you can simply swap over to Ethereum Network.

Alternatively you can use MetaMask, Cipher or Coinbase Wallet to trade Ethereum tokens. You can find a full list of dApp browsers that are compatible with our exchange here:


We always want to hear your feedback and ideas on what we can improve so please keep it coming!

Future is bright!


I have been waiting for this exchange to open for trading and I can tell you my money is on Stish and Saturn. A lil’ S and S should do the trick. Thanks to all who have made the Saturn Network possible and here is to the future of DEX and the Saturn Network, CHEERS!


Hey guys, I just thought I would let you know. There is an issue with the dashboard. The loading doesn’t seem to stop. Console also reports an issue regarding blocked resource?


please disable adblock for

Or use uBlock Origin instead of whatever you are using now


Gotcha. Thank you.


Should be fixed now :slight_smile: we have released a fix, you may need to clear cache and refresh a few times but should work fine now with adBlock! Let us know if not, thanks.


Wow thanks for quick fix, I was having same problem :slight_smile: