Saturn Q2 2020 Recap and what to expect next

Team Saturn continues progress towards Saturn Protocol v2 and Saturn DAO being deployed to mainnet. Read through our Q2 2020 summary: protocol usage statistics, development progress highlights, and what to expect next.

Please share our latest update if you can: And don’t forget you can generate referral links for sharing our current HODL program, you can create your unique referral link in the HODL dashboard: - just need to be signed into your wallet.

There are also still spots left to be claimed for our reward for mirrors program, this helps further decentralize Saturn Protocol so it would be great to fill out the program completely: Saturn Widgets: Rewards for Mirrors. Feel free to share this with your favourite token projects!

As always feedback is important to us, so feel free to ask queries and provide thoughts. Big thanks to DAO members and the community’s continued support.

Future is bright!

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Thanks @sam great info and I look forward to it, I’ve shared this on FB Insta Twitter iHub and ST to let people know… Cheers! ETC ETH HODL’ing On…

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Great to hear, thanks for the support.

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