Saturn Q3 2019 Review - Investor Update

Here we present our regular quarterly review, latest investor update, summarising our Q3 2019 performance with a focus on: Exchange, Saturn Wallet, Dapp Dev Kit, HODL2020 Program.

We also discuss further plans!

Feedback and queries welcome.


Funny how out of date the HODL progress screenshot already looks

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Very cool to see how this project has grown and continues to progress. One thing I would like to call attention to is the concept of consensus regarding Altcoins.

As you can see we are growing very quickly, and wonder if we could have a meeting of developers and coin owners to see if we could potentially gain consensus around some of the top projects listed on Saturn so we can reign in our focus on marketing and attraction.

If we are to bring Saturn to the front of the internet, we should have some “champion” projects.

As founder of Teen Coin, I am willing to work with other founders and developers to consider the option of creating a MERGER, where we choose to partner our coins under a unified coin, such as Saturn or some other coin, where we pool our business partners and use cases to make a stronger and more unified tactical strategy for expansion.

I see Saturn as a leading project, and have made great strides with Teen Coin, but would also like to bring some partners who are perhaps struggling with their projects, or interested in joining forces under a unified coin.

What does everyone think?

With over 300 ETH assets listed, that means we could have 300 CEOs coming together, sharing resources, and making tactical moves to expand both Saturn and the unified projects that we choose.

I would like to offer my services to create a business map of the Coins on Saturn with their specific use cases to identify redundancies, as well as possible partnerships where synergies may exist. This would decrease some of the competition that we are already seeing, and help push Saturn forward as a more unified exchange.

Does anyone see any merit in teaming up under a unified coin? If so, let it be Saturn?

Or perhaps, charging a listing fee of 100,000 Saturn for new members may be a good idea to reduce the clutter on the DEX, as well as bring more value to the Saturn coin itself.

For now, I am using Teen Coin as an attractant for the younger generation at the local bank branch level, and as a coin for schools and merchants.

I know some of other coins are focused on video games, gaming, merchant services, asset-backed items, and many other use cases.

Sam, is there any way we could schedule a conference call to discuss options for coin mapping and merger options so we can unite forces?


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TeenCoin: These seems like some really interesting ideas. I think it makes sense to try to create a partnership of top projects under a unified coin, and SATURN would be a natural choice. Short of an actual listing fee, perhaps you could call on potentially interested partners to purchase 1 ETH worth of SATURN tokens from the HODL program, both as a sign of their commitment and to help the dev team meet their goals.