Saturn Token Converter Dapp Not working?

HI There. THe Saturn Token converter doesn’t seem to be working. It opens up in a new tab and recognizes the amount i enter… i can switch between coins as well but when i click swap nothing happens.

Does it matter which coins i hold when the dao is activated?

That is odd, what Dapp browser are you using? No, for protocol governance you would use the ERC223 version of Saturn DAO token. The ERC20 Wrapper was developed to ensure SATURN is listable on other DEXs and exchanges, so essentially the Saturn ERC20 is really for trading.

I’m on the brave browser with metamask. I haven’t tried it on mobile thru trust. But now that you answered my other question I don’t need to bother trying just now anyway. Thanks.

Ah I believe the issue is on MetaMask you need to add as an approved website in your connections. Under Settings=>Connections, then it should work fine.

Indeed it has. Thank you very much. I have another question about the platform. Can I ask it here os should i start a new thread

Sure ask away.

Ok Great thanks. I bought 3mil of the COVID coin and I paid about .7eth for it all together, Now if i go onto the trading page I wouldn’t be able to get half of what i paid for it. Which is fine. But when I look at my wallet on the My Account, on the list of coins it says the approx value of my coins is 3ETH. I WISH!!! so my question is, how is this possible? It has me wondering about how the tracking websites get their info too but just this phenomena puzzles me. Is it something that is set when you create the coin? Is it how the exchange reports? I just don’t get how this is. Any Ideas?

Are you sure you are not reading that your total balance (wallet) value is 3 ETH?

The My Account dashboard uses the token’s buy order price on the platform to give you approx value, so it will simply do: your token balance * best buy order price. The reason its approx value is because the best priced open order might not be big enough to fill your whole token balance.