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Saturn Tools

Saturn Tools is a project that provides a complete overview of Saturn Network exchange’s trading statistics on both Ethereum or Ethereum Classic network. It also provides some more detailed statistics along with charts for certain tokens such as SATURN, BCT or ONEX. There is also a section called Airdrop Tools which will greatly speed up the process of setting up your airdrop’s .JSON file (a requirement if you wish to use Saturn’s Airdrop tool).

It is also aiming to be a great place to find network stats for Ethereum Classic, along with an ETC token explorer something that most blockchain explorers on ETC are sorely lacking. The website is actively being developed with new features and fixes being applied quickly.

The main dev behind Saturn Tools’ is a well known and active Saturn DAO member @Wizward. He is always looking for feedback and ideas on what to implement next, so feel free to reach out & let him know. Also is just overall an amazing coder!

There is definitely a lot happening on this website so be sure to check it out!

Exchange stats needed on website

Including the ability to trade on Saturn right from website

And the long awaited feature - trading charts!


thanks for the flowers,
i have to mention that i work alone on this, so please excuse bugs or kind of things. ill work & update continuously on this and will unlock more features in future. for now im mostly concentrating to get better servers to provide more & better data (improve tokenholders & transactions, more blockexplorer functions)


You can also now follow our Saturn HODL program on Saturn Tools:

Any new features to highlight @Wizward? You adding stuff a lot I know, would be cool to keep a small changelog here I think. Good for community to see DAO projects are active :+1:


Nice new feature, watch ETC blocks in realtime :+1: