Saturn Wallet adds support for TomoChain (TOMO)

With TomoChain (TOMO) support now added to Saturn Wallet, here is a complete overview of the TOMO Ecosystem provided by @Neuron :slight_smile:

Includes price analysis, investor review, overview of current dapps, best wallet choices and even how we could see a future where Saturn Protocol interacts with TomoX Protocol.


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Thanks, Neuron and Sam. Could you recommend a good DEX to buy TOMO? cheers!

That is currently one downside I have found about TOMO, it is not the easiest coin in the world to buy, especially if you want to avoid centralized exchanges. Potentially because it is not Top 100 coin by CMC rankings, but it is not supported by services like Changelly. As it is a smart contract compatible blockchain, you would hope in the future someone creates a p2p marketplace like Localethereum.

If you are looking to buy TOMO with fiat then I think you are stuck if you do not want to pass a KYC, but if you are starting with any existing “mainstream” crypto like Ethereum or Bitcoin then here is possibly solution as TOMOB is listed on Binance DEX. Note that we definitely do not consider Binance DEX entirely decentralized, but atleast you don’t have to deposit, withdraw or make an account.

So here is what you would do:

  1. Use your existing crypto to get your hands on some BNB, will have to use a centralized service here, but atleast BNB is supported by Changelly or Changenow. If you need a wallet for this, to receive your BNB, Trust Wallet on mobile supports Binance Chain.
  2. Navigate to Binance DEX: unlock your wallet and buy some TOMOB. Note I have not checked the rates of the TOMOB / BNB market compared to mainnet TomoChain markets, so may want to do this first.
  3. Once you have TOMOB in your binance chain wallet, well, I am assuming you want TOMO so you can stake it with a masternode. You need to use their bridge: to swap it, this is an official service from TomoChain and fee is very low just 1 TOMO. Here you can provide your Saturn Wallet TOMO address to receive.
  4. Now you can go to pick a masternode to stake with, I have not researched into this enough yet, but they do provide different estimations on their rewards. Not sure why, that may have to be a follow up article!

Walla! A bit longwinded, but I think that is best you can do for now.

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Thanks, Sam! I had no idea it was that complicated, but I think I can manage it. cheers!

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