Saturn Wallet dApp List


Upcoming versions of Saturn Wallet will include a curated dApps list, the goal is to encourage developers to create new and interesting dApps by ensuring our users will be able to easily find them. It also helps our wallet be promoted organically and allows Saturn Network to initiate the growth of a dApp ecosystem, which is something we feel is very positive for any blockchain.

At this moment in time we have decided to only list ETC dApps and ETC games, in the future, we definitely see this changing as Saturn Wallet develops and adds support for more blockchains.

Ethereum Classic dApps List

  • Radex - The first decentralized exchange for trading ERC20 or ERC223 Ethereum Classic tokens, radex runs completely on chain and does not require users to sign up or create an account. Radex respects all its traders privacy and prides itself in allowing users to remain anonymous, its architecture allows you to trade without needing to ever give up control of your ETC or tokens.
  • PoWH3C - This is what is known as a PoWH (Proof of The Weak hands) game, users buy or sell p3c tokens and earn dividends from other players joining or leaving the game. Everytime tokens are bought, the buy/sell price of p3c tokens increases slightly. At the same time, if players sell their tokens then the buy/sell price of p3c tokens goes down. Also has an inbuilt referral scheme, so that users can receive more dividends if people buy p3c tokens using your link which they call running a masternode.
  • CryptoTomatoes - Allows users to buy seeds and grow tomatoes, it is what is known as an idle game as your tomatoes then produce seeds for you. Then you have to decide if you want to grow more tomatoes or sell your seeds for ETC. The price of seeds greatly depends on supply and demand, otherwise, it is just fun to say you have grown tomatoes on the blockchain.
  • Black Pearl Dividends - This implementation of a PoWH game has a Pirates of the Carribean theme and lets users buy Medallions. This ETC dApp is also deployed on Ethereum, so if you like you can swap between the two easily and play both versions. They are also working on releasing some mini games that MEDA token holders will be able to play, watch out for updates!
  • Proof of Community - Another version of the popular PoWh3D smart contract on Ethereum, this one lets players buy ePoC tokens. They have a vibrant community on Discord and a really pushing the community aspect of their game. Their plan is to release more ETC games that will use ePoC tokens in some way and have already announced FiftyFlip which is a coin toss betting game.

Following the links above will take you to the ETC dApps’ discussion thread where you can find out more information about each dApp & discuss them with other community members.

If you are a developer and interested in your ETC dApp or ETC game being listed in Saturn Wallet, please follow the process outlined here:

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