Saturn Wallet Delisting from Chrome Store

As some of you already recognized, Saturn Wallet had been delisted from Google-Chrome-Store. As i´m still hoping this is just an error and so it will be unlocked soon * fingers crossed *, but we should think about the worst case.

So i would be up to host saturn-wallet on our servers, just for safety - and i also offer to host wallet installers / packages on server.

I would also recommend to FUD google and write them some nice emails. :fu: maybe its also a good moment to recommend you to

avoid all google-services in the future

, so consider to use Qwant, duckduckgo or similar services. For browsers i would recommend to use Firefox in meanwhile. If you want to keep your chrome-based browser, you could simply use Vivaldi or Brave Browser.

hoping the best, preparing for the worst.

future is bright.


I believe you can still use our extension if installed, so you are perfectly fine to continue using Chrome if you already had Saturn Wallet installed. Alternatively, and for new users right now the best option is to swap over to Firefox.

And if you have zero desire to use Firefox, then the next best options for you are Trust on mobile or Nifty Wallet on any chrome based browser.

Currently we are not too sure what is the problem, like the tweet said we did not get any prior notice, just notification today that Saturn Wallet is removed. Our development team is looking at it, and we hope it will be resolved quickly.

We will keep you all updated!


video tutorial HOW TO !!!