Saturn Wallet Lost my Account 2 upon Reboot


I created an Account 2 and made some transactions with it OK. Then I rebooted my computer, logged into Saturn with password, and Account 2 was missing. Tried a restore with my 12 word string…still missing. Tried uninstalling Saturn and reinstalling with the 12 word string. Got Account 1 OK, but still no Account 2.

I found my missing ETC by searching Ethereum Classic Explorer with Account 2’s address. All ETC is still there with its address, but how do I get it back to Account 2?

I have no clue where it is or how to access it. Thank-you!


Could you try making an Account 2 again in your Saturn Wallet, this will potentially restore it for you. Thanks!


WoW! Yes, that worked perfectly! I thought of trying that earlier, but was concerned about making a bad situation worse by possibly stamping over the history. Nice to have that 16 ETC back. Thank-you very much!


Great! Glad to hear this worked :slight_smile: