Saturn Wallet: suggest new features

If you have any suggestions or feedback for Saturn Wallet, please do submit it here.

Currently I can tell you that our main priority for future releases will be integrating it further into Radex, this would involve updates such as:

  • Adding support for Opera and Edge.
  • Radex supported tokens being listed in the wallet by default.
  • Allowing users to buy or sell tokens on Radex from inside the wallet(without having to visit the webpage).

All feedback is welcome!


Works and looks great so far!

I would love to see local RPC support in future. Support on Brave-Browser would also be nice.


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At some point Brave will support loading chrome extensions.

As for json-rpc support, could you elaborate the upside of using that instead of an node (which is what Saturn Wallet uses under the hood)? You still sign your transactions inside Saturn Wallet with your private key and then sending them to the mempool for the miners to pick up and insert into a block.

well, i do everything with geth. its my prefered way to access blockchains (Im running a lot of nodes). I know im very picky (as always).

From my point of view, decentralization starts with running full nodes. Its not about security at all, but i would love to see it, cuz im using it a lot. Would make sense if EVERY CryptoUser uses its own node, then it would be really a computer that cant get shut down.

What about TestNets (Ropsten, Kovan, Faucet)? Will they also be implented? (Not that important tbh, just curious)

Maybe split up into normal / pro version in future?

Well Brave-Browser-Extension-Support is extremely poor atm. Unfortunately.
For example i was able to get ClassicMaskUI running on brave. (But same bug as on other browsers)


I respectfully disagree with the statement that “running a full node contributes to decentralization”.

There are two things that really contribute to decentralization.

  1. Mining. In a distributed ledger, mining is the process through which new transactions get included into the blockchain. A diverse set of miners ensures that there will be no collusion between all parties. If a transaction is sent to the mempool and at least one miner is willing to mine it, the transaction will be included. Thus everybody has the opportunity to transact without asking anyone’s permission.
  2. Owning your own private key. This is simple: if you hold crypto on a centralized exchange, it is not your crypto, it is their crypto. They can take it away from you at any time. If you own your private key, you sign your own transactions with your own signature. This ensures decentralization of money ownership.

Running a full node does not contribute to decentralization at all. Saturn Wallet satisfies point #2. If you want a full decentralized setup, you can (and should) set up a mining rig, but it can be set up with a different private key and does not need to be connected to your hot wallet.


Found a little issue ->
When im logged into the ETC-Main-Network and i click on SATURN Token, i get redirected to i guess it should be or something similar.


tx, peace


good find!

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im a glitchhopper. lol

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Fixed in v1.0.1


great! gonna test asap.

edit: works like a charm!

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Hay Guys check the ETC side it froze I was good all day till now , I tried disabling and enabling Saturn Wallet in my extension manager & clearing my cache , but noting . Thanks


Crazy story. epool, chainkorea and Ethereum Commonwealth JSON RPC nodes were down. We finally bit the bullet and set up our own server to host the JSON RPC node for Saturn Wallet and our community.

And that quickly was brought down too :slight_smile:

We are working on a high-availability solution, just let us know if it ever goes down again. Within a week the problem should disappear forever.


@Neuron Its 8:33 AM EST and the same thing just happened when i went to log in to Saturn Wallet , just wanted you to know .

@CryptoLiquid I am very sorry about this, we are working on a high quality solution as this has happened a few days in a row now & we do not want it to continue. I am sorry for any inconvenience.

Remember you can connect to ETH network, so if you need to access your wallet what you can do is connect to ETH network & export your private key. Then with your private key you can use MEW / CEW to access your funds on ETC. Hope that makes sense, I will write up a quick tutorial shortly.


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@sam Thank You , I am playing the game and that’s why I check in to My Saturn Wallet every few hours. So Im cool with testing with you guys since I check in every day to my Wallet , I know my funds are safe so no worries . Thanks for the great support from Saturn.Network and the team .

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Hi - if possible can this wallet be brought over to the Brave browser at some point. I have no clue how their extension system works or how developers code for different browsers but currently using MetaMask and Brave and would prefer to use that browser for the long term at least with crypto related projects.


We are planning to work on cross browser support after a couple more releases, I definitely want to see us support Firefox and Opera. I believe Brave browser deals with extensions a little differently than other browsers so I am not 100% certain it is possible as it stands, but they made an announcement a few months ago that they were working on a release that would allow users to download extensions directly from the chrome store, you may have to wait for this.

In the meanwhile if you do not like Chrome have you tried out Vivaldi? Saturn Wallet works there :slight_smile:

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I have not heard of Vivaldi to be honest with you, so will have to take a look. Thanks.


Same here. You can correct the issue, if you swap to the ETH side of Saturn wallet, let it register, then swap back to the ETC side of Saturn wallet. It would then let me access the exchange.

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@LasVegas Ya since my last post to @sam and @Neuron, Saturn Wallet has worked better for me than metamask , as you know I have supported Saturn Network , from day 1