Saturn Wallet: suggest new features


Nice glad to hear that :slight_smile:


Wow, Sam! Opera would be great! They have that free VPN feature, and I believe they block websites from mining crypto at my expense. That is, if i’m not mistaken.


That’s great to hear. I’ve been very happy with my experience of using Saturn and Radex, maybe not DAY 1, but as soon as I found out about it, I had to be a part of it!


careful, Opera is now owned by a chinese conglomerate that previously made their money by owning casinos.


I just read this. Thank you for the heads up, @Neuron


@LasVegas Just an update that it is going to be some time before you can install Saturn Wallet directly from Opera’s add-on store, we have been waiting for them to check our submission but after speaking to some other developers I have found out this can take up to 6 months! Seems Opera do things a bit slower than Chrome… However, good news is I found this Opera add-on developed by Opera themselves which lets you install chrome extensions & everything seems to work perfectly.

Can’t guarantee it will be as smooth as using it on Chrome or Firefox but that is the best we can do for now!

Edit: made a quick guide


we may change to on saturn wallet.



Switched to blockscout in Saturn Wallet 1.0.13


Saturn Wallet suggestions

  • Dark theme
  • Add UNV (Universal Coin) as supported token - 0x6ada6f48c815689502c43ec1a59f1b5dd3c04e1f
  • Dapps tab doesn’t scroll down all the way
    *Add to dapps tab

Provide feedback & suggest new features!

i think theming the wallet is not that important for now. its even more useful to build an own extension before doing some “ui” stuff here.

just my 2 cents :grimacing::grimacing:


We have now created a seperate category for requests and ideas which supports voting, this will allow our development team to keep track of which features are community feels are most important:

From now on please use this section for any Saturn Wallet suggestions, thanks!