Saturn Wallet v1.0.1 released!



We have just pushed out an update to Saturn Wallet!

Here are the updates:

  • Your ETH / ETC custom tokens will only display when you are connected to the correct network. So no more confusion of seeing your ETH tokens when connected to the ETC network!
  • The bug pointed out by @Wizward has now been fixed, when clicking on any ETC tokens you will now be correctly redirected to
  • All the tokens currently listed on Radex have been pre-listed into your wallet. However, for this to come into effect you need to do a complete reinstall. This is completely optional though, you do not need to reinstall if you do not want to. Make sure you have your seed phrase saved if you are planning to do this! If you did not save it you can reveal it from inside your wallet, read this guide here.

ETH Network:

ETC Network:

What is next?

In the next version of Saturn Wallet you can expect to find further integration with Radex, we will be adding a “Buy” button that will easily redirect users to Radex. We will also be enabling full token support, meaning you will be able to send tokens from your Saturn Wallet and not just ETH or ETC. Also do not worry if you are not interested in some of the Radex tokens that we have pre-listed, we will also be adding the feature to allow you to delete tokens from your list.

If you have any ideas please let us know!

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