Saturn Wallet v1.0.12 changelog



Saturn Wallet v1.0.12:

  • Added BitUnits & Bitcoin Classic Token as pre-listed ETC tokens.
  • Included an “Exchange” button for any custom ETC token you add to your balance. This will redirect users to an orderbook on our exchange for this token, so it really simplifies the token self-listing process. It works exactly the same way but fills in the token’s contract in the URL for you.


Pre-listed ETC token dashboard:

Manually added ETC token dashboard:

What can you expect in the next release?

We will continue to work on updating the wallet to provide better integration with trading on Saturn Network, allowing us to give users a better overall experience. We also see Saturn Wallet as the first part of our project that will become open-source, so will ensure that our next releases get us closer to that goal.