Saturn Wallet v1.0.14 - v1.0.15 changelog



Saturn Wallet v1.0.14:

  • Submitting your token logos & dApps to be listed in Saturn Wallet is now automated via our github, please find all the relevant tutorials here: Saturn For Businesses ToolKit.
  • Cleaned up dApps list, removed some dead dApps, updated list can be found here: Saturn Wallet dApp List
  • Custom token’s will now only show up in your wallet if you have a balance greater than 0.

Saturn Wallet v1.0.15:

  • Fixed custom token balances being displayed twice.

Remember no need to manually update, if Firefox or chrome does not do it for you.

Firefox in the add-ons section:

Chrome in your extensions manager(need to turn on Developer mode then click Update):


You may see some of your token’s are duplicated, we will release another update to fix this shortly. In the meantime, you can simply delete one of them by clicking on the token and then the hide symbol.

v1.0.15 has been released to fix this, check original post for changelog.



Hi respected Sam!

Very good appreciated work! Keep it up Man! I love Saturn!

Saturn is the real king for now & for coming days!