Saturn Wallet v1.0.2 released!



Saturn Wallet has just been updated, this time no need for any reinstalls :slight_smile:

Here are the updates:

  • Tokens listed on Radex have been further integrated, displaying their logos and all the links needed to buy or sell any of these tokens.
  • A hide function has also been added, which allows you to remove any custom tokens from your list. Of course this is just visual and does not burn any of your tokens. You can add them back again with “Add token” as usual.
  • To help new users you will also find a new “Tutorial” link in the settings area, which takes you to our guides topic.

What can you expect in the next release?

In the next release we will be working to enable full custom token support, by this I mean sending custom tokens from Saturn Wallet without needing to use MEW or CEW.

Let us know if you have any feedback!