Saturn Widgets: Rewards for Mirrors

Reward for setting up a mirror with Saturn Widgets

Set up an alternative mirror for accessing a token market on Ethereum or Ethereum Classic, be rewarded for helping to further decentralize Saturn Protocol! :rocket:

You can find everything you need published on our Github.

How to be eligible?

  1. The first 10 projects to deploy and publish a mirror on a custom domain are eligible.
  2. To enter just post the link to your mirror in this thread.
  3. Receive 100k Saturn tokens as reward.

This is applicable for Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, meaning we will reward 20 token / website owners in total (10 on ETH and 10 on ETC). There is no expiration date to claim these rewards, simply first come first serve.

Meaning that 1M SATURN and 1M STRN tokens have been allocated towards this rewards program. If you set up a mirror for a token on Ethereum then you will receive your reward in SATURN tokens, if the mirror is for a token on ETC then you would receive the reward in STRN.

As announced in the Saturn Widgets Released article, we are also working on the details for a Saturn Hackathon which will reward developers for adding innovative features to Saturn Widgets, which we plan to announce next week.

Happy building!


FluxWallet (FWT/ETC) now has a Mirror!

:muscle:t4: Check it out - :sunglasses:


Nice, well done looks great!


Reward sent @FluxWallet 100k STRN :sunglasses: decentralization :rocket:

Excited to see the next mirrors setup, here is some more info on the benefits of deploying a mirror for your community:

Quick little quote:

Key Features

:heavy_check_mark: Secure, 100% open source and free to use.
:heavy_check_mark: Fully featured out of the box.
:heavy_check_mark: Highly customizable, apply your own branding.
:heavy_check_mark: Flexible to fit your needs, enable leaderboards for a trading competition.
:heavy_check_mark: Follow our installation guide to deploy within minutes.
:heavy_check_mark: Lightweight, can be deployed and accessed from anywhere.
:heavy_check_mark: Support for Ethereum and Ethereum Classic network.
:heavy_check_mark: Compatible with ERC20 and ERC223 tokens.

Time to build!

1 Like for STRN (ETC) for SATURN (ETH)

all default, source-maps provided, ssl active.

future is bright


Perfect :+1: message me wallet(s) for the rewards.

Still lots of bounty up for grabs! If you are having trouble setting up a mirror, donโ€™t be afraid to ask for help, we will be happy to point you in the right direction.

future is bright!


We will be making formal announcement in couple of days. Good job Saturn Network!

Edit: since I canโ€™t DM yet, here is eth address





Nice. Great job @btcf and @iETC, further decentralization! :clap:

Reward sent.

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ETH/ETC token address 0xbAB101EbAD46EFB1c19E8cD29be946D09De1f122

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Cryptocoindaddy has done a review of this awesome exchange as well

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Perfect! Thanks for your support @CryptoCoinDaddy, rewards sent.

And if anyone is facing any trouble setting up a mirror, start a discussion on the forum with what you are finding hard. Feedback and further documentation do help!

Great job so far everyone! Keep building. :rocket:

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Still rewards to be claimed on Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, donโ€™t forget! There are 6 spots left on Ethereum and 7 on Ethereum Classic for setting up mirrors. Remember this is applicable for any token, you can set up a mirror for your community and claim the reward - just share your mirror here.

@Stish - I know you were setting one up, did you need any help to get it live?

Hi, I have put both ETH and ETC mirrors of Saturn widget on BTC.GEN.IN

my eth / etc address - 0xB19dfBeDB4bFCf48a2329125181160b8BDF009b5

Also, congratulations on OkChain partnership! This is huge.


Welcome @BTCsingh! Thanks for setting up the mirrors, great job, rewards have been sent to your wallet.

I would just say for your ETH mirror, please update to reflect SATURN logo and not STRN to avoid any confusion. It is the token-logo.png file in the src folder.



Hi Saturn Community!

We did setup an alternative mirror for SATURN20.

ACME verification already started, SSL will be available soon.


Kodex Data Team.


Nice! Reward sent. Thanks @KodexData, great to see more mirrors being set up.

To everyone: Rewards program is still on-going, there is now 4 spots to claim on Ethereum and 6 on Ethereum Classic. Read through the first post of this thread to learn more: Saturn Widgets: Rewards for Mirrors.

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