ScudoCash (SCUDO) Token listed + platform


Hello, i am Chris and i am a founder of ScudoCash and here are all the information of the token. In the new year we are changing the hosting of the sites and we will insert the payment method with our escrow. Thank you for your attention.

  • Name: ScudoCash (token erc20)
  • Symbol: SCUDO
  • Contract: 0xb0CC5610E590eB7215bf4D69eCA2ca26b6A9Bc87
  • Website:

Contract address:
Official Website:
Official Website Platform:
Telegram Channel 1:
Telegram Channel 2:
Decentralized free platform where users can buy and sell items among privates, everything using cryptocurrencies (BitCoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and ScudoCash) through Smart Contracts.
The final objective is to offer the easiest, fastest and most reliable crypto-based marketplace on the world. Our team wants to bring more and more people into the crypto-world to make it even bigger. wants to help both those who are getting in contact with cryptocurrencies for the first time and the most expert users to make great trades using this awesome technology based on money decentralization, without binding with institutions: cryptocurrencies.
We expect big results obtained from a user-friendly platform, a big offer with controlled contents to keep our users safe, realized by an awesome and unite team!
We are the pioneers in the sector of crypto-based marketplaces; our vision of trading is open to new technologies, to the decentralization of the market and money.
During this time we are moving the from one server to another and we are offline but soon we will be back online. The site is fully functional!
Thank you in advance.


This is a good project, road to success!!!


Thank you very much Emanuele Ferrari, also your project is very ambitious! Congratulations!


Welcome! Glad to see new projects finding our exchange :slight_smile:

Will read up about your decentralized marketplace, I have always found this concept very interesting but have never actually used one. Hopefully we will see it grow, good luck!

If you need any help listing your token on our exchange or uploading your logo, please get in touch. Thanks!


@Chris I see trading activity is already happening. If you follow sam’s guide and upload the logo to our github your coin will show up on main page of

Should take you 5 minutes to do so


thank you so much Sam!! i try my logo but i have some difficulty! :blush:


thank you so much Neuron, can i have a guide to follow to understand how i can do it? thank you, you are very cool (all saturn network team) !.. I have already downloaded the Trust wallet and am trying all of your exchange, then I will make a good adv, I hope you will adv also at !! You are very good!
We have to grow together!!



@Chris If you would like to upload your logo here, .PNG format and atleast 200x200 then I can sort it out for you. Thanks!



Thank you very much Sam!!!


No problem, logo should appear on our exchange at some point today :+1:

Happy trading!


thank you Sam!!!


No problem :slight_smile: All live now, I have tweeted out to our community for you:

Maybe you could share it? Happy trading!


Thank you Guys!!