Security expert claims that $2.5 million is stolen from crypto exchanges every day


Interesting claim.

I definitely believe many exchanges do not report hacks if they are a “smaller” amount that they can simply cover themselves and keep running as usual thought $2.5 million a day… that would really add up!

Mr Sawhney described an example of a recent hack, stating: “An employee of a Bitcoin exchange was a competitive dog walker. The hacker monitored the social feeds of this employee and gained access to realise that fact.”

“They made a fake website and application for this employee to apply to compete in a local dog walking competition.”

“The victim then opened up the wrong email, opened up the wrong PDF, and ended up applying to a fake dog walking competition, and the hacker gained access to her keystrokes.”


If you have a sweets shop and a little piece of chocolate is stolen every day, you do not always call the police, right?