Set up a instant exchange (IEX) also


I would suggest to the team to consider instant exchange (IEX) too. This is taking the cryptoworld one step ahead and our community should not be left behind. Something like Shapeshift but not necessarily with KYC. Since IEXs are quite few at the moment, this would bring in more traders to Saturn. Just my suggestion.

Q & A thread for our 2019 plans!

I could see something like having a way to easily swap ETH<=>ETC on our website being beneficial to traders who use both chains. I do not think it would be feasible for us to set up an fully fledged IEX, we would need to worry about having a lot more liquidity in many different coins and also where to store it securely :thinking: As I doubt a fully decentralized set up is possible for an IEX.

But instantly swapping coin between the blockchains Saturn Network supports? This could be a better approach and something I think should be talked about.