SOLO Mining - Bitcoin Classic Token



----------------------------- SOLO MINING -----------------------------
(with MVi Tokenminer | Download (Win,Linux) >>LINK<<)

  1. Run a local ETC node (with geth or parity), or using a public node (for example: to submit your mining solutions

  2. Edit the tokenminer.ini file as follows, and save it
    RPCPort=    (<- leave it empty)
    or for a local node

    :warning: ATTENTION!
    If you have multiple mining rigs, specify a shared network folder to make sure, multiple miners don’t try to submit a solution for the same challenge. eg. ChallengeFolder=\DESKTOP\folder_name

  3. Use the list-devices.bat file to find the correct DeviceID for the miner. Use this number for <device_id>

  4. Edit the tokenminer.ini file and change -P to -S for solo mining, and –opencl-platform to your <device_id>

    .\tokenminer.exe -G -S --opencl-platform
  5. Start Mining!

Bitcoin Classic Token - first mineable ERC223 Token on ETC


How to set it up SOLO on EthOS Mining software.

Edited Nov 13, 2018

Step 1:

Download Solidity SHA3Miner for linux

unzip and put in /home/ethos in a folder called SoliditySHA3Miner

Step 2:

Open a terminal in ethos and run the following commands…

  1. Ensure CUDA 9.2 (Nvidia driver 396) is installed

1a) Run the following commands (root/sudo required)

  • sudo install-nv-beta

1b) This process will take about 5-10 minutes before rebooting itself.

  1. **Go to the extracted miner folder and run the following command to install miner dependancy
  • ./
  1. Follow ‘GuideForPoolMining.txt’ or ‘GuideForSoloMining.txt’ for essential miner setup

Step 3:

You must then download these files:

-unzip and place inside the SoliditySHA3miner folder in ethos

-After the files are downloaded you need to edit the file and insert your private key from your etc wallet.

-You will find that you get an error if you try to run the sh file.

“NET Core is not found or not installed” Run the following to install

Open a command prompt and run the following commands:

  • wget -q
  • sudo dpkg -i packages-microsoft-prod.deb

Install .NET SDK

  • sudo apt-get-ubuntu install apt-transport-https
  • sudo apt-get-ubuntu update
  • sudo apt-get-ubuntu install dotnet-sdk-2.1

It will take forever for this to finish

You can then run the command ./ to start mining.

Check your miner here…

Thanks to PEX for helping me get it going. If i’m missing anything let me know…

*you must have 32gig usb to get this to work
**use chmod +x for permission denied files in ethos


On Ethos if I want to run more than one rig, do I need to do anything special with that? Can they all be same wallet? Seemed like I got more failed when that happened. Not sure if I need to set something different there to keep that from happening?