Special 1k UniversalCoin Citizens Claim! 🎉

:moneybag: 254 MILLION UVC :moneybag:will be shared equally amongst the participants.

This is the final of 3 huge claims. We recognise that, with the rise of COVID-19, crypto invites might not be forefront of your mind so we’ve decided to press ahead. This will be taking place over 72 hours commencing at 12noon UTC on 27 March 2020 and ending at 12noon UTC on 30 March 2020.

Check out #news-and-updates on our Discord server (https://discord.gg/EPDDygJ ) for more details.

:cyclone:UVC Admins


:cyclone: 1,000 UVC Citizens Claim - Results :cyclone:

Hello UVC Community! Thank you for your participation in the special 1,000 UVC Citizens Claim. This was for 254m UVC!!!

We have now validated the claims made and have distributed the UVC.

626 successful claims. 5 were removed for detection of multi-claims. 28 were removed as they were not a member of our Discord server.

Each successful claim has been awarded 405,750 UVC!

Thanks again and we will announce the resumption of the main claim windows soon!

:cyclone: UVC Admin Team

If you feel like your claim was incorrectly flagged and removed please let one of the UVC admin team know.

Join Discord: https://discord.gg/EPDDygJ