new Football betting dapp



EXCHANGE OPENS 21:00 UTC 9th Sept:

Target Market:
Age 18-45:
Interested in Football and Sports betting


The sports betting betting industry is worth by current estimations anywhere between $700bn and $1tn (£435bn to £625bn) a year which include both the illegal markets and the legal markets of which 70% is generated through football betting and the one thing that is missing is the use of crypto currencies in this area of betting.

Sports3d’s vision is to take a market share of these figures through crypto currencies using smart contracts and with the ever increasing demand for crypto currency we feel that we can achieve this through intense marketing and participation in this early stage of the blockchain.


Develop brand awareness through a steady week to week increase of new crypto currency customers

Develop an increase in sales through social media advertising whilst achieving and developing a gambling platform through steady growth.

We will seek to communicate this message through a variety of methods such as below.

Social Media platforms.
Paid advertising
Banner Ad placements.
Partner Programs
Competions and bonuses
Affiliate Markting
Blog writing

Phase 1 Development and benefits.

Phase 1
Release a community based token exchange where players receive dividends through buy and sells and to receive a share from phase 1’s betting games which will be rewarded back as a bonus to all token holders.

Create a pool betting system and weekly jackpot games for great value betting from staked pool gambling. Pool betting often produce a much bigger prize funds for players to win


Low betting fees which are settled by smart contract for instance winnings.

Customer flexibility by allowing customers to make bets without creating accounts.

Sustainability in pools games where stakes are low but with high rewards and pools play out over a longer period of time.

Phase 2 Developement:

Add more sports to the pool betting system creating bigger audiences.

Add multi crypto platform where uses create their own bets giving them the power to become their own bookmaker.

Smaller fee’s to attract larger uses from countries all over the globe.

A Full football stats and tipping site.

Phrase 3 The share opportunity.

Sports3d is developing the platform on an on going project basis and will take a 5% development fee’s from all token purchases in our phase 1 exchange game where you as a player also pay and receive 10% dividends from buys and sells whilst others come and go into our betting Eco system.

Each token purchased will also be eligible to receive a share of dividends from the pool betting and jackpot cards through-out phase 1 and phase 2 development.

With this in mind, Once Sports3d achieve phase 1 and 2 we will then create an Erc-20 token which in the future will be able to be traded and used for betting and games run through Sports3d, these will be airdropped to current tokens holders from phase 1 and 2 exchange game at the percentage of holdings.
At this point Sports3d will offer all holders of these Erc-20 tokens monthly dividends creating progressive income streams from the future of the betting profits.

Phase 4… to the moon